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Domine, non sum dignus

I Know a Saint

My mom and dad have two anniversaries. One anniversary celebrates the day my uncle Bob drove them to Hot Springs, Arkansas to elope. The other celebrates the day about a week later when, having learned of their civil nuptials, my grandfather ordered them to go see Father English and set themselves right with the church. Like father, like son, I guess. Except, the kid’s a lot slower. Fifteen years slower. Read more →

Let Depression Be Your Guide

Yesterday, I gave you a reason to celebrate the Supreme Court’s decision. But I never said to let go of your anger or depression. ** That’s because we need creativity, focus, and action, and you get those through emotional distress. ** In his new best-selling book, Jonah Lehrer discusses the link between depression and creativity: This helps explain why Forgas has found that states of sadness— he induces the downcast mood with a film about death and cancer— also correlate with better writing samples; subjects compose sentences that are clearer and more compelling. Read more →