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Domine, non sum dignus

Remember, Lord, how your servants are taunted (because of the sex abuse scandal)

Another day, another 300 accused predatory priests. When will it end, Lord? When will it end? This morning, I tried to listen in silence for God’s answers to my questions. What do we say about the news out of Pennsylvania? How do we answer those who taunt and ridicule the Church? How do we settle our anger at the priests and bishops and cardinals who protected the pederasts for decades? How do we reconcile the hideous criminality of those men with the uncountable graces God freely gave them through the many sacraments they’ve received? Read more →

It Must Suck to be an Incumbent

Whether you’re the party darling or the federal office holder, 2010 is shaping up to be your last year in politics. In Kentucky, Tea Party Republican, Rand Paul, opened a can of whoop-ass on Republican party favorite, Trey Grayson. No single race proves the strength or impact of the Tea Party, but races like Paul’s demonstrate that the right candidate with the right campaign team with the strong backing of the Tea Party and 9-12 Project can blow away the party candidate. Read more →

Time is Running Out

Money Bomb for Tim Burns ends at 11:00 p.m. Central tonight! If you want the satisfaction of replacing pork-barreler and Marine-basher, John Murtha, with fiscal conservative Tim Burns, then contributing to the money bomb will help. If you have friends or family in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional district, you might want to give them a call this weekend and ask them if they plan to vote in Tuesday’s election. (People who are asked if they intend to vote are 40 percent more likely to vote than those who are not asked (Cialdini). Read more →