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Paul Ryan’s Spokesperson Renounces Support for Antifa

It was probably a coincidence. One day after Hennessy’s View reported Speaker Paul “Dumbbell” Ryan as a member of the Antifa caliphate support team, Speaker Ryan’s office renounced his membership in the terrorist group’s fan club. [caption id=“attachment_23491” align=“alignnone” width=“460”]Paul “Dumbbell” Ryan[/caption] As reported by The Gateway Pundit: Social media was set ablaze after Paul Ryan attacked President Trump for condemning ‘both sides’ for the violence in Charlottesville. Trump supporters hammered Paul Ryan for refusing to condemn Antifa. Read more →

Why I’m Not Freaking Out About the Budget

Congress is about to pass a budget. I call it a “Paul Ryan Special.” This budget lets the government spend money for four months. It expires in September. The budget is horrible. Republicans are spinning a few “wins” in the budget, but that’s a terrible argument. It’s like telling a terminal cancer patient, “but your blood pressure’s pretty good.” Here’s the thing: you cannot control Congress. You can only control what you focus on and what you do next. Read more →

Paul Ryan’s Battle of Kasserine Pass

General George S. Patton arrived in North Africa with a single mission: lead the Allied forces to victory over the Hun. But Patton’s assignment was also in response to a miserable and deadly failure of leadership. The failed leadership of General Lloyd Fredendall. Fredendall was a Francophobe and an Anglophobe ill-suited to wage coalition warfare; a micromanager who bypassed the chain of command – giving orders as far down as company level; a coward, he allowed animus with subordinates to affect his judgment and undercut their authority; and finally, staring defeat in the face at Kasserine, he tried to pin the blame on others. Read more →

Obamacare Repeal Vote Results (Prediction)

Today, President Trump changed the game. He changed the Prisoner’s Dilemma (coordination) into a game of Chicken (competition). Lifer Republicans have no experience with games of chicken. They were raised on coordination games. By changing the game to Chicken, Donald Trump greatly increased the chances that phony Paul Ryan’s healthcare will PASS. Here’s why briefly. Psychologically, people always think they have more time. Republicans, in particular, believe time is limitless. Lifelong Republicans think they can delay any decision until the decision they want is a given. Read more →

Forgive Paul Ryan

A lot of people are mad at Paul Ryan. Millions of people want Mr. Ryan to step down as Speaker of the House. I am not mad at him. Paul Ryan is a victim of his circumstances, just like a lot of other Republicans. Paul Ryan stepped up to a microphone this week and said what he was programmed to say. Essentially, Mr. Ryan said he’s not happy with Donald Trump’s statements about a La Raza judge who started issuing anti-Trump rulings after Trump called on America to enforce its immigration laws. Read more →

How to Predict Trump’s Landslide Win

You might have noticed that my predictions have been remarkably accurate lately, have you not? For example, on Sunday, May 1, I predicted Ted Cruz would suspend his campaign after getting trounced in Indiana. Two days later, Cruz lost the Indiana primary to Donald Trump 53 to 36. At the time I wrote, many pundits and pollster still believed Cruz could win that Indiana race, and everyone believed Cruz was telling the truth when he said repeatedly he was staying in the race to Cleveland unless Trump reached 1,237 delegates before then. Read more →

Here’s How the Ryan-Trump Meeting Ends

Nothing happens in politics by accident. Every move has an angle. Some players are better than others. Paul Ryan and Donald Trump are two of the best players alive, but one is better than the other. We’ll see that tomorrow. House Speaker Paul Ryan has set aside Thursday for meetings with his party’s nominee for President. Every nominee for president meets with the senior members of his party’s Congressional caucus, so there’s nothing odd about the meeting. Read more →

World Leaders and Paul Ryan Begin Negotiating With Trump

Every prediction about Trump has been wrong. Except for two. Ann Coulter and Scott Adams predicted Trump would win the nomination and, eventually, the White House in a landslide. They were right. World leaders expect Trump to win, and they are lining up to make all his crazy assertions look like brilliant predictions. Former Mexico president Vicente Fox apologized to Trump, and Trump graciously accepted. That’s a sign that Mexicans expect Trump to become the next US president. Read more →

Turns Out The Guy Dumping On The Middle Class Is Joe Biden

Related articles A couple weeks ago, Joe Biden made the news by declaring that the middle class in America has been getting dumped on ever since he and Obama took their oaths of office. The statement marked the first time Biden got something right since that day. What Uncle Joe failed to mention was that he has been in charge of the White House’s Middle Class Task Force since January 30, 2009. Read more →

Game Theory and the Ryan Pick

Related articles If Mitt Romney applied game theory in choosing Paul Ryan, I have renewed respect for him. I’ll explain why, but first a bit of background on game theory. Game theory is a branch of social science concerned with strategic decision-making. It is most closely associated with economics. Professor John Nash, the subject of the movie A Beautiful Mind, won a Nobel Prize in Economics for his work in game theory. Read more →