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Obama’s Little Mind on Foreign Policy

Barack Obama proves he would be a dangerous commander-in-chief. Two weeks ago, he told us that the United States is obliged to stay out of wars, even to prevent genocide. He would not have fought Germany in World War II unless Germany attacked the United States. He would not stop the genocide in Darfur or Congo. He would not have gone to Somalia or Bosnia. That, again, was two weeks ago. Read more →

Beginning of End for al Qaeda’s Safehouse?

For years, now, al Qaeda and Taliban criminals have used the Western mountains of Pakistan as their home base. Emboldened by Pakistani President Musharraf’s reluctance to deal with radical Islam head-on, the Taliban have recently begun a campaign to turn Pakistan into what Afghanistan was before 9/11. Ed Morrissey had been keeping up with these events, and this story today on Captain’s Quarters may signal the end to Musharraf’s patience with the radicals. Read more →