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Companies Should Adopt Conscious Capitalism Because It Pays

You’re going to hit me with the small sample size argument here, but that’s okay. I firmly believe that the purpose of a company is to make life better, and if it does that well, it will make a profit. If, on the other hand, a company makes life worse, the market should let that company die. Some companies try to improve life with insanely great technology products. Some make life better with fast, safe cars that are fun to drive. Read more →

What Do Post Dispatch Reporters and Penn State Have in Common?

Like the Penn State athletic department, most St. Louis news media covered up a sex crime in order to protect an organization they love. The St. Louis Post Dispatch, KTVI 2 and KPLR 11, and KSDK 5 each failed to report a sexual assault that took place at the illegal OccupySTL squatters’ village in Kiener Plaza last week. The assault came to light only because a citizen-journalist, the POed Patriot, monitors the police crime map. Read more →