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Kudos to President Obama For Touching the Third Rail

President Obama submitted a budget wildly out of balance that increases taxes across the board. But he also stuck his tongue on the infamous ‘third rail’ of American politics by proposing chained CPI for calculating Social Security cost of living increases. Bravo. We’ve Been Asking For This Economic conservatives have pointed out for years that America’s entitlement programs are bankrupting the country.** The $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities can’t go on**. Read more →

Two US House Members From Missouri Want to Protect Your Bank Deposits. You Can Help.

“Over my dead body.” That’s how Rep. Ann Wagner’s (R-MO) described her opposition to any attempts by the US government to seize retirement accounts or bank deposits. Here’s the full quote: “I am solidly behind this resolution and over my dead body will the USG ever raid our personal savings or retirement accts!!” **Thank you, Ann, for that unequivocal statement on the matter. ** Billy Long’s HR 129 To Protect Retirement Income and Bank Deposits And thanks to Rep. Read more →