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Obama Shuts Down Another Small Business

200,000 That’s the number of** small businesses lost during the Obama Administration**. If re-elected, Obama promises to accelerate the policies that destroyed American jobs, investments, and companies. https://youtu.be/NlFHrLeeJIU Voting isn’t enough. We need your help at 9966 Lin Ferry Drive, St. Louis, MO 63123. Pick you day to work the phones and get out the vote: * Friday, November 2 Noon to 8 p.m. * Saturday, November 3 Noon to 5 p. Read more →

Just How Bad Would a Second Obama Term Be?

Related articles If you believe that 92 percent of people need to have most aspect of their lives managed by experts, then a second Obama term will make you happy. If, however, you believe in self-governance, that people are endowed by God and nature with the capacity and unalienable right to manage their own affairs, then a second Obama term will be a massive human rights violation. Read more →