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Preparing for the Worst Case Scenario in North Korea

You wake up and nothing works. No electricity. No cell phone or land line. No radio. No electric tooth brush. No internet or cable. No laptop. No tablet. Car: nothing. What happened? No, it’s not a scene from the Twilight Zone. It’s the aftermath of an electromagnetic pulse attack. EMP for short. An EMP attack would look like this: * North Korea launches an ICBM toward North America * The warhead detonates 100 miles above Colorado * Waves of electromagnetic energy pulse down across the fruited plain * Every semiconductor and small wire in the United States burns out No boats. Read more →

War & Tariffs: What to do about North Korea

If you think about geopolitics at all, you know North Korea poses many problems for its neighbors. And for the United States. And for the whole world. If we take attack North Korea militarily, over a million South Koreans will die. Along with a lot of Americans on ships and on land over there. Nobody wants that. It might come to that, but nobody wants it. Now, North Korea has ICBMs that can drop a nuke on Alaska. Read more →

Democrats Ruin the World (f-bombs included!)

Picture this. Every time you leave your teenage kids home alone for a weekend, you come back to stink-eyes from your neighbors, a living room that’s a sea of empty beer cans, a yard filled with cigarette butts, and a pregnant cat. Pretty soon, you’d stop leaving those kids to their own devices, wouldn’t you? If you had to leave town, you’d find a sitter. Maybe a retired Marine uncle. Or a friendly cop to send a car by the house every half hour during the dark hours. Read more →

Happy Birthday, Jack Hennessy

I don’t get into town to visit my dad often enough. That’s my loss. Jack Hennessy, my dad, epitomizes what we call The Greatest Generation. He helped raise his younger brothers and sister after their mother passed away. Jack was ten. His youngest sibling, my uncle Jim, was a newborn. Jack Hennessy answered the call of World War II. He was a Machinist’s Mate in the Navy. He answered, again, when North Korea crossed the 34th Parallel. Read more →

Obama’s Incompetence Leaves Americans At Risk

It took almost three years of Jimmy Carter’s dangerously naive worldview before the world rushed in. By “rushed in,” I mean the Soviet Union rushed into Afghanistan, Iranian radicals rushed into the US Embassy in Tehran, and Cuban-backed communists rushed into every Central and South American country they could. These aggressions resulted from a world perception that Jimmy Carter was unwilling to use America’s arsenal for good. Additionally, following Vietnam and observing American culture, the world surmised that: Read more →

UN Security Council Ignores Obama

Jimmy Carter was the Rodney Dangerfield of international politics: he got no respect from the people who counted. The bad guys laughed at him. The bad guys must be rolling on the floor tonight. Rogue Leaders Respect Nothing But Strength Almost simultaneous with North Korea’s launching an ICBM in violation of international law and in defiance of US warnings, Barack Obama stood before the world and declared his intention to disarm the arsenal for democracy. Read more →