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How to Write Yourself Into the Great American Novel

Related articles A couple years ago, a lot of folks believed that victory in 2010 would be a cakewalk. Led by Tea Party activists, the GOP picked up over 800 legislative seats, state and federal, in the 2010 off-year election. Rumors of the Republican Party’s death had been greatly exaggerated.
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The Bain of Newt’s Existence

Truth is, not all companies, not all business ideas, can make it on their own. It’s easy to say that a good idea will automatically lead to a successful business. But it’s a lie. Apple did not become Apple without investors. Sure, there are some examples of businesses that flourished without financial help. But not many. We’ll never know the wonderful ideas that died in their owner’s garage for lack of financing.
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Debunking the 11th Commandment

The Gipper didn’t always follow his own commandment. I’ve appreciated Newt Gingrich’s attitude during the 398 Republican Presidential debates. You know, his approach of refusing to attack his opponents. He will, necessarily, change that approach a bit on the stump, but it’s been very effective so far. As Gingrich might put it, anyone on this stage will do a better job than Barack Obama. And he’d be right. But being right about that doesn’t mean candidates don’t have an obligation to show voters why they’re preferable to their opponents.
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