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If We Don’t Flip Some Toss-Up States, Romney, Ryan, and the USA Are Screwed

Related articles Choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate was a great Romney move. Looking ahead, Romney sees movement conservatives working hard right up to the election—even if he or his advisors continues to say stupid things. That was necessary. SCROLL DOWN FOR TWO IMPORTANT EVENTS THIS WEEK But it wasn’t enough to win the election and unseat America’s first anti-American president. Read more →

New Hampshire Exposes GOP’s Diverse Base

Okay, Santorum and Gingrich didn’t get a bump out of their debates over the weekend. More like the bump got them. And Ron Paul did way better than I expected. Congratulations to Dr. Paul and Mitt. I still think my Saturday night post accurately reflected the national impressions, though. That’s backed up by this CBS News poll that shows Republicans believe Santorum most closely shares their values, _but_—and this is a J Lo but—they believe Romney is more electable. Read more →

Who Won the New Hampshire Republican Debate?

It depends on how you score. I see three scoring scenarios: 1. Best conservative performance 2. Best electability performance 3. Best positional performance Conservative performance is pretty clear: whose answers appeal to conservatives? (Does not mean conservatives believed the candidate meant what he said.) This is not Tea Party scoring, either. I’m not limiting my evaluation to the 3 core Tea Party principles of Constitutionally limited government, free markets, and fiscal responsibility. Read more →