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Who Gets the Credit Matters Most

Some people on the right say they won’t vote for Trump. Those people list various reasons, mostly about his demeanor and things he’s said in the past. They think who gets the credit is more important than what gets done. We all know people like that, don’t we? Most of those NeverTrumpers were okay with Trump’s policies. They all love his Supreme Court list. Most of them liked Ted Cruz’s ideas, and Cruz’s weren’t far from Trump’s. Read more →

A Catholic Priest Eviscerates Childish NeverTrumpers

Outcomes. NeverTrumpers seem to believe that the act of voting is a sort of magic spell that can right all past wrongs. Psychologists call this “magical thinking.” Children do it. Magical thinking is the belief that we can change the outside world with our thoughts. Think of rain dances and crossed fingers. Or, as Dr. Ben Hunt explains, Fed policy. Father Christopher J. Pollard, writing in Catholic News Agency, destroys the NeverTrump argument in his essay “On Voting. Read more →

#NeverTrump Self Immolation Over Trusty Ted Cruz

This is for the people, like me, who realized sometime between June 2015 and June 2016 that Donald Trump is at least better than Hillary and possibly a transformational character who can reverse America’s descent into chaos. “A leader is a man who can adapt principles to circumstances.” – General George Patton Jr You might think this post is an attempt to reach #NeverTrumpers and bring them on board the Trump Train. Read more →

Magical Thinking

You might wonder why I’m thinking about magic so much. What if you let yourself think about magic for a moment? Your mind can make all kinds of connections. It’s as if your mind takes you on a journey inside when you think about magic. When you hear “magic,” you instantly feel like a kid, don’t you? Perhaps you can remember when magic was as real to you as your favorite pillow or a treasured blanket. Read more →

NeverTrump Blows Up Like a Poisoned Dog

The Never Trump movement tried to make a stand. It failed by a massive margin. –Kyle Cheney, Politico It wasn’t even close, and I feel guilty. I don’t look at Facebook too often. I have been on Facebook lately because it’s a great vehicle for book sales, but I really don’t like it. One problem with Facebook is that I can see what people are thinking. And so many people I know and respect think some really dumb things. Read more →

Why NeverTrump Will Support Down-Ballot Dems

It’s possible that some NeverTrumper has already gone there, but I haven’t seen it. Up until now, one complaint of the NeverTurmpers has been that Mr. Trump will hurt Republicans running for Senate, the House, and state offices. They make this claim knowing full well that Trump is ahead of Romney in every poll and with every demographic group. I predict that, come October, people will be saying Trump is virtually running unopposed. Read more →

Caution: Identifying as ‘NeverTrump’ Changes Your Brain

When a person declares himself “NeverTrump,” he thinks he’s making a political statement. Or a moral one. But he’s not. He’s making a psychological commitment that’s very difficult and painful to break. Identity is the highest, most powerful form of persuasion. Identity also drives our decisions in parts of the brain we don’t really have conscious control over. I realize many conservatives reject brain science, but, for those of you who are open to learning, I’ll explain as best I can in a moment. Read more →

How NeverTrump Promotes Race Violence

NeverTrumpers who don’t cross over stand to get a lot of blood on their hands. I’m not the only one noticing. If anything, I’m understating the case. Now we know: to be anti-Trump is to be pro-abortion and pro-race war. To be anti-Trump is to support violence against police officers, especially white police officers. That’s because Hillary is all those things, and to be anti-Trump is, logically, to be pro-Hillary. (If they both live until January 20, either Clinton or Trump will be the next president. Read more →