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NRO: Against Jefferson

“Aristocrats fear the people, and wish to transfer all power to the higher classes of society.” –Thomas Jefferson to William Short, 1825. National Review has entered dangerous territory: they have inadvertently made the case for Trump. An angry screed by Kevin Williamson titled “Our Post-Literate Politics” (later renamed to “What’s a Book?”) makes the case that Trump supporters are illiterate, uneducated, dim-witted, racist, homophobes. To wit (via Breitbart.com’s John Nolte): Read more →

Why National Review’s Trump Issue Will Fail

They. Don’t. Care. The conservative war against Trump won’t work. I get why National Review and The Weekly Standard devote whole issues of magazines to Trump’s lack of conservative bonafides. I appreciate it. Their work is important. But their tactic will prove completely useless in defeating Trump. In fact, the fight is already over, and the cover story proves it. Conservative magazines–online or on paper–are supposed to weigh events and people against conservative principles and pass judgment. Read more →

This Sums Up Everything I Believe Better Than I Ever Could

[caption id=“” align=“alignright” width=“463”] Buckley (right) and L. Brent Bozell Jr. promote their book McCarthy and His Enemies, 1954 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption] The Liberal Kirsten Powers (my favorite liberal at times) described the leftist media’s mania as “absolutely, utterly insane.” What triggered the maniacal insanity from MSNBC and The New York Times (among others) was Mitt Romney’s public dismay over the way Barack Obama’s State Department responded to terror attacks on US embassies in Egypt and Libya. Read more →