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Leftists Turn Against Nancy

Nancy Pelosi is paying a price for statesmanship. Remember when this blog wrote about liberals saving us from Antifa? But one group can save us from the Antifa caliphate. An unlikely group. A group you’d never believe could be the heroes of this terrifying story. Who’s this group? Who will save America? Who will preserve Western Civilization? Christendom? Judaism? Not the Right. Not the Center. Not the Great “Undecided” Voter. Read more →

Left’s Gamble Lost

From 2004 through about September 12, the American and European left bet the farm on terrorists. Here’s Dick Durbin, the anti-American from Illinois, in September: In a speech Friday at the Center for National Policy, Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said, “President Bush is preparing to tell the nation, once again, that his strategy in Iraq is succeeding. We know what the Bush-Petraeus report will say: The surge is working. Be patient. Read more →