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Got Your Back

Seth Godin’s daily blogs are amazingly timely. Today Seth talked about having someone’s back. He explained that the time we need to feel that someone has our back is when things are tough, not when they’re going well. No, if you want her to go all in, if you want her to take the risk and brave the fear, then it sure helps if you’re there too, no matter what. Read more →

Innocent Victims

When the NAACP’s Ben Jealous fired a reckless volley at the Tea Party, he missed his marked and struck an innocent woman. One week ago tonight, the news cycle was alive with the excitement of a heavyweight fight. The NAACP’s Ben Jealous needed to raise money and restore a sagging membership. He decided to pick a fight with the Tea Party. On Monday, the NAACP leaked a resolution to the Kansas City Star that stated: Read more →

The Tea Party Is Intolerant … of Racism

Between a touch of the flu and the flurry of activity over this very issue, I missed the best, most direct breakdown of Ben Jealous’s misguided and hypocritical attack on the Tea Party. Read this column by Michael Graham on BostonHerald.com dated Thursday, July 15. Money quote: When you’re looking for bigots at a Tea Party rally, they’re on the fringe. When you’re looking for them at the NAACP, they’re on stage. Read more →

Why We Took a Stand Against the NAACP

Sometimes it is personal. Beginning with a simple blog post in February 2009, the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition has attracted over 40,000 people to dozens of events and online crusades. The vast majority of these folks represent America’s highest ideals in character and citizenship. We are educated, polite, and patriotic. We are stand-up people who fix our own problems and earn our own livings. We are not perfect, of course, but we understand that no one else can live our lives for us. Read more →

Fighting Back Against NAACP Defamation

The NAACP has decided that it’s worth time to call 20 million American patriots “racists” for advancing liberty and economic opportunity. At midnight, the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition sent a resolution condemning the NAACP’s bigotry and hatred to its Washington bureau. The Tea Party’s principles are simple and clear: * Smaller federal government * Lower taxes * Fiscal responsibility * National defense * Federalism Those are precisely the tools to lift all Americans out of poverty. Read more →