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ACTION: You Can Save the 2nd Amendment in Missouri UPDATE Senate Committee Approves the Bill

A lot of activity on the 2nd Amendment front. [caption id=“attachment_13149” align=“alignright” width=“359”] The 2nd Amendment needs your help Wednesday, March 27 in Jefferson City[/caption] First, the Missouri Senate subpoenaed the Department of Revenue. This story tells you why. Second, I just received this urgent request for support from Ron Calzone: March 26, 2013 Bill; Missouri Senate senator Kurt Schaefer is on a roll… This evening (Tuesday) his amendment strengthening our right to keep and bear arms (SJR 14) was “perfected” by the entire senate. Read more →

Why the Missouri DOR’s Enhanced Interrogation Methods Should Make You Mad

Pulled from comments, in response to TJ, you asked: “I am somewhat confused about the current outrage. Shouldn’t the DOR verify, to the greatest extent possible, that an applicant for renewal of any state issued ID be who they maintain to be, live where they claim to live and so on.” If you’re buying beer at Schnuck’s, you expect the cashier to card you, right? That’s because the cashier is required to verify your are 21 or older. Read more →

Breaking: Dem Appointed Director of Missouri Revenue Caught Lying to Senate

“That is the third time you’ve lied to me!” Those were the words of Missouri State Senator Kurt Schaefer to Director of Revenue Brian K. Long in a heated hearing at the Missouri State Capitol this morning. Senator Schaefer and researchers at the Missouri Family Network, who broke this story, learned prior to the hearing that Long’s department has ordered Missouri fee office workers to violate state law by collecting and storing personal identifying information (PII) on everyone who renews a driver’s license, non-driver ID, or concealed carry permit in Missouri. Read more →