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How Missouri Republicans Made Jay Nixon Look Like a Statesman

You know how reckless and tone-deaf Obama is about Army deserters? Missouri’s House and Senate Republican leaders are just as clueless and irresponsible about money. Yes, I said it: the Missouri Republican legislature is about as conservative and principled as Susan Rice on a Sunday talk show. By going on a votes-for-cash spending spree on the last day of the General Assembly, the House and Senate handed Jay “Idiot” Nixon a PR prize worth its weight in pork. Read more →

The Weednesday Post: Guess How Much Marijuana Prohibition Costs Missouri

A lot. Marijuana prohibition costs enough to put more than 900 new police officers on the streets. Here’s the numbers from Harvard and Cato scholar Jeffrey A. Miron and marijuana law reform researcher Abhi Sivasailam (via Show-Me Cannabis): Missouri would save about $90 million in government expenditure and yield roughly $59 million in tax revenue annually. This assumes that marijuana would be taxed at rates comparable to those on alcohol and tobacco and that all other states and the federal government would also legalize. Read more →