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Domine, non sum dignus

A Health Insurance Solution that Some Smart State Should Try

The term “United States” is both plural (many states united) and singular (the United States). The tag line “e pluribus unum” loses its meaning if we cease to be many, if we give up our identities as individual states. As states, we are as different from each other as the United States is from Canada. The United States are most powerful pursuing opportunities and fixing problems in the plural but defending in the singular. Read more →

The Biggest Rip-Off in America is College Tuition

While everyone was screaming about the rising cost of medical treatment, America’s leftist incubation chambers—colleges and universities—robbed us of our economic future. And the federal government’s misguided student aid program is to blame. **What allows this growth? ** * Increased per student government funding * Massive private and public debt Who benefits? * College administrators * Unions working on college campuses * Political causes that college administrators like (liberal) Who pays? Read more →