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Why Libertarian Kids, Not Drones, Scare McCain and Graham

Jennifer Rubin—WaPo’s token conservative—said it perfectly: McCain lost his cool with Rand Paul and sounded like the old man down the street screaming to the new kids on the block, “Get off my lawn!” The real reason McCain and Lindsey Graham embarrassed themselves on the floor of Senate had nothing to do with what Rand Paul said. Rand Paul’s ideas terrify McCain, Graham, and most of the Republican establishment. Read more →

Obama the Reckless

On Saturday, the United States suffered its highest human lost since the Afghanistan conflict began. At least 38 elite, brave American warriors died in combat. Flasback to May 23 of this year. That’s when Barack Obama made the surprise announcement that he would begin accelerated troop withdrawals in July. That timetable meant beginning the withdrawal during the summer fighting season. Current and former military experts advised the president against this reckless move. Read more →