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Who Will Be America’s Clothing Czar

Are you ready for America’s first Clothing Czar? According to RightQuestion.org, this person, “will decide what you will wear every day for the next four years. If you’re a Goth, what if the Czar disallows Goth? What if he’s an 80s fan and orders collars up? What other questions do you have for the new Clothing Czar? The good news: you can vote for the Clothing Czar of your choice. Read more →

Sandy Exposes Limits Of Government

Barack Obama ridiculed George W. Bush for Katrina. As people starve and beg for water in Rockaways, Obama’s promises to create heaven on earth through government look foolish and born of ignorance. Obama believes that government can solve any problem, large or small. But his FEMA can’t get water to people in New York City. With election two days away, remember this, you Obama voters: the most activist president of all time was unable to feed, clothe, and house hurricane victims despite having a week of warning. Read more →

Time for Defiance, Resistance, and Resolve in Missouri

At the Pachyderm Club’s national convention last year, I overheard a Republican Missouri State Representative talking about HB 609. “It was the best bill I’ve ever been involved with,” she said. “Those people who just went nuts don’t know anything about insurance.” If you read my blog, you’re likely one of the “those people,” the ignorant masses who don’t understand the fineries of the legislative process. You don’t appreciate how hard the insurance industry lobbyists worked with Jefferson City to craft a law that sold only a bit of you into slavery while ensuring the insurance companies remained profitable and your favorite Republican legislators had the money to campaign next year. Read more →

The Tea Party’s Real Purpose Is …

We talk about liberty, limited government, freedom, Constitutional principles, and the like. Those are all relevant to the purposes of the conservative grassroots movement. But are they ends? Or are they just means? I believe they are means. In the founders’ writings we find clues to the end, even they don’t state it explicitly. Jefferson did. Jay came close. And Adams implicitly understood that end. Let me ask this: what’s the point of all the work we did in the past two years? Read more →