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Being the Oddball Sucks

Could you stand by a “wrong” answer? Let’s pretend you’re in a room with 10 people about your age and background. You’ve been talking for a while, and you’ve gotten to know the others. Then the task begins. It’s straightforward. On a large TV, you see a line drawing of a face. The instructor calls out people by name and asks if the face is a happy face, a sad face, or neutral face. Read more →

One Question for Carly Fiorina

The next US President must be a great communicator. Distilling complex and controversial problems into mental models accessible to large numbers of people is not deception–it’s brilliance. The reason we hang onto sound bites isn’t because we’re stupid–it’s because we’re busy. We all don’t have time to earn masters-degree understanding of every issue facing society and government. Honest, accurate distillations of the complex ideas allow us to choose and act quickly. Read more →

What Is The Difference Between Leadership and Service?

Marine Corps officers eat last. That simple insight inspired the title of Simon Sinek’s latest book, “Leaders Eat Last.” If I could influence high school or college curricula, no one would graduate without successfully completing a semester course on that principle. Below is another remarkable video of Simon Sinek discussing how circumstances can override our desire to lead and serve and how leadership and service can fix almost any problem. But first, I’d like you think a bit more about these two critical needs: leadership and service. Read more →

What Is Leadership?

Many of you loved Simon Sinek’s Start With Why TEDx talk. I love the way Simon Sinek thinks. It’s no surprise, then, that his TED Talk on leadership could be the greatest definition of leadership I’ve ever heard. Please watch and share. I have some thoughts and a poll following. [ted id=1998] Contrasts give greater clarity. Sinek’s contrast between military leadership and business leadership says a lot about the state of American business. Read more →

How to Recruit Better Political Candidates

Let’s accept that people are lazy. I noticed no one rose to argue, so universal laziness is a given. When political consultants and parties recruit candidates, they do the lazy thing. They look for candidates who are easily electable. They want people who look good, speak well, shake hands like they’re still alive, and never made the papers for slapping their spouse. Actually, they want people who are squeaky clean. Boring. Read more →

How Emphasis on Race Hurts Efforts to Reform Municipal Courts

My story on the Justice Department’s Ferguson report addressed race early. . So let’s have a little blunt talk about race from a West County white guy’s point of view (which is alway helpful). Faction A and Faction B Whenever race comes up, two large factions shut down. They shut down intellectually because ‘race’ touches an irrational, emotional nerve. Faction A views every issue as a race problem. They see rain at a picnic as racist. Read more →

The Difference Between Cooperation and Consensus

What many people don’t get is that cooperation is not the same as consensus. Cooperation means someone takes the lead on an issue. If it makes sense, and if the leader is perceived to have good character and judgment, others follow. Otherwise, the project is stillborn. It’s the way the market picks leaders. Not through org charts, but through action and response. One person may be the leader on one issue and a cooperator on many others. Read more →

Man’s Waning Days?

It’s easy to wonder whether humanity has simply grown weary of life. * Yesterday I noted the [inhumanity of Christmas shoppers](https://hennessysview.com/2010/11/28/our-disordered-society/) on Black Friday. * For the past 24 hours, the world has watched the slow release of hundreds of thousands of [classified US diplomatic cables](https://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/sc-dc-1130-wikileaks-20101129,0,2557036.story). * As I write, [a gunman holds hostages](https://www.cnn.com/2010/CRIME/11/29/wisconsin.hostage/?hpt=T2) at a rural Wisconsin high school. * The [European debt crisis](https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2010/11/29/europes_ominous_reckoning_108078.html) refuses to remain quiet beneath the rug under which it’s been swept. Read more →

A Different World

While we’ve been building the tea party, the world has changed. Our world has changed. * Consumers consume less * Inflation is limited to food, fuel, and gold * Experiences and human connections are more important than possessions and promotions * Debt shifted from people and businesses to government—which means to all of us * The government took out a $48,000 loan in your name * Both major parties looked bad when we examined them When the 112th Congress convenes, the priorities of February 27, 2009, may be irrelevant. Read more →

Geek out on this

You’ll be glad you did. https://video.ted.com/assets/player/swf/EmbedPlayer.swf This eighteen minute presentation synthesizes almost everything I believe about leadership and inspiration. We own Why We believe that God’s law trumps Man’s, and that the Constitution trumps Congress. And the President. And the courts. We believe that each one of us has the will and the capacity to dream our own dreams, live our own lives, and die our own noble deaths without government assistance or government contraints. Read more →