Latin Mass

At Whom Is Bishop Barron Angry?

I was gladdened to see Bishop Robert Barron’s tweets of anger about the Pew survey. Watch the attached video. (You will also be happy to hear the Pew survey didn’t shock the bishop.) I wish, though, his excellency had addressed the real cause of Catholics losing their faith: the ugly and sacrilegious farce that is the Novus Ordo (or Ordinary Form) Mass. Here’s Bishop Barron’s initial tweet. I urge you to watch the video attached.
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New Mass by the Numbers

I prefer the Latin Mass of 1962 (and a thousand years before) for at least 12 reasons listed here. My last reason for loving the Latin Mass (which I failed to list in that blog post) seems important: how American Catholicism has changed since the inception of the new mass in about 1970. So I turned to Georgetown University’s Center for Applied Research in the Apostalate for the numbers.
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12 Reasons I Love Latin Mass

Lately, I’ve been going to Latin Mass instead of the new mass. Latin Mass feels like home to me. It feels like a call to holiness. Every detail of the Latin Mass has meaning, not just to me, but to everyone who’s studied scripture. The words, the gestures, the artifacts like the communion rail all have deep meaning. I don’t think the new mass is heretical; I just don’t think it lifts us up toward God.
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