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Did Obama Aid the Kenyan Mall Massacre?

I never thought I’d have to ask. In Nairobi, Kenya, al Qaeda terrorists stormed an upscale mall yesterday to kill all the Christians.So far, 59 are dead and at least 175 wounded. Another 30 or so hostages remain inside with the terrorists.Kenyan police are hunting the terrorists and attempting to free the hostages. The USA, surely, is on the side of the Kenyan authorities. Right? Well, last week, President Obama waived (aka, violated) a US law that prohibited the arming of terrorists and terrorist-linked groups. Read more →

The extraordinary heart of a charity founder

Have you ever thought, “I need to do more for others?” I have. And I’ve made feeble attempts to satisfy that urge. Feeble. Still, when I’ve done something “good” for others with no expectation of return, I kind of thump my chest and smile at myself in the mirror like I’m some kind of big shot. Then my wife introduced me to Valerie Hays, and I realized how much more a person can do. Read more →