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How did I get the Kavanaugh vote so wrong?

I predicted that Judge Brett Kavanaugh would be rejected by the Senate. I was wrong. In a few minutes from the time I write, the Senate will confirm Judge Kavanaugh by a vote of 50 ayes to 48 nays. One Republican will vote “present.” What went wrong? I underestimated the courage and fortitude of three Senators: Republicans Jeff Flake and Susan Collins, and Democrat “Lonely” Joe Manchin. I truly believed Flake would put his hatred of Donald Trump before the good of the country and vote nay. Read more →

We’ve Never Been Closer to Totalitarianism

Very scary thought: If the Democrats take over the House and Senate in January, they could impeach both Trump and Pence and try them in the Senate at the same time making Nancy Pelosi president. You’ve Never Lived in a Time Like This One I’m almost old enough to remember the Democrat National Convention of 1968. Almost. What a show. Hippies and Yippies marching, tear gas, Mayor Daley, Buckley threatening to punch Gore Vidal on live TV. Read more →