Kathy Griffin

Shark-Jumping Update: the Left Is Losing It

Previously on Hennessy’s View: Because of tolerance, it’s getting harder and harder to make people laugh with Trump jokes. Everybody’s heard them all. So comedians have to ramp up the shock factor. And they have been. And it was working. Until Kathy Griffin went too far. Comedians and leftist news people are bound to go too far. It’s bio-chemical response. And now, so many leftists are in a race to the top on excess and insanity.
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How Kathy Griffin Helped Trump, Based on Brain Science

It’s difficult to see in the fog of war, but comedienne Kathy Griffin did Donald Trump a huge favor. Before I explain, look at all the benefits Trump got from Griffin’s decapitation humor: ** Prominent Democrats and CNN turned against Hillary Clinton ** Andrea Mitchell and other journalists began admitting the Russian conspiracy theory is a hoax ** Americans sympathize with the Trump family ** Kathy Griffin’s crazy press conference made Trump look mature, sober, and sane by comparison
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