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Karl Rove’s Air Power Strategy Failed America And His Donors

We heard it repeatedly during the Iraq wars: air power alone cannot win. You must take and hold ground in war. The same is true in political combat. For years the GOP upset Democrats at all levels through superior ground games. Typically, this process involves: * Identifying potential voters * Contacting the high-value targets * Registering the unregistered * Mobilizing them on election day Karl Rove’s Crossroads PACs tried a different strategy this time. Read more →

The Karl Rove School of Sanctimony

Related articles When I read about Todd Akin’s unfortunate comments to Charles Jaco, my first thought was uncharitable. “I could just kill him.” “I could kill him,” is an idiom. Its cousins include “wring his neck” and “poke his eyes out.” Idioms hyperbolize our emotional reaction to an event. I was angry because Todd Akin gave the left a great talking point in the infamous interview. Read more →

MSM Editorials on Rove

I’m not talking about the editorials on the editorial pages, but the remarkably blatant editorializing in the “news” stories covering Karl Rove’s resignation from the White House. An AP story by Terence Hunt retrieved from news.myway.com begins by describing the whole of the Bush administration as “turbulent.” Perhaps, but the color of the paragraph indicates that the turbulence was Rove’s fault. If blaming Rove was Hunt’s intention, then Hunt must believe Rove ordered the Islamofascist hijackers to fly airplanes into buildings. Read more →