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Trump: The final nail in the conservative coffin?

So many battles are fought in war and in civilian life, and nothing is gained by their victory. Every battle we fight will result in a gain for us or we will not fight … There is no great gain in merely being right. To be right about some unimportant subject is not important. –General George S. Patton Jonah Goldberg explains the problem of Trump better than anyone: Read more →

Jonah Goldberg Perfectly Defines the GOP Establishment

I hope you read Jonah Goldberg’s short article on National Review Online last week. If not, you missed the best definition of Establishment Republicans EVER! Goldberg’s piece also exploded the myth of “pro-business” way too many conservatives believe. Conservatism isn’t pro-business, it’s pro-market. I’ll let Jonah explain: Just to clarify, the difference between being pro-business and pro-market is categorical. A politician who is a “friend of business” is exactly that, a guy who does favors for his friends. Read more →

Ezra Klein and the Dead Constitution

Clearly a fan of understatement, Ezra Klein once ran a blog called “Not Geniuses.” Now, of course, he demonstrates his ignorance on MSNBC. Last week, Klein unwittingly advanced the cause of dead constitutions. He did a better job than any proponent could. He said: The issue with the Constitution is that the text is confusing because it was written more than a hundred years ago. (William F. Buckley once described a statement like Klein’s as evoking of the sort of pity one feels for the ignorance of animals. Read more →

King of Beers Dethroned

Since A-B sold out to Belgian brewer InBev, things have changed in the St. Louis bar scene. In a typical St. Louis County strip-mall bar during a Friday happy hour about 70 percent of the male patrons would sit behind an Anheuser-Busch product–Budweiser, Bud Select, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, even Busch. Not anymore. I stopped drinking Select as soon as the announcement of the buyout came last Sunday. But I was shocked last night when I walked into The Corner Pub & Grill in West St. Read more →