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John McCain’s Most Evil Sin

John McCain may have done some heroic things, but he is a hero no more. Imagine how you’d feel. A knock on your door. Through the deadlights around your front door, you see a car with government stencils on the side. When you get close enough, you look out and see a man in uniform. An officer. You know. You know why he’s here. Your throat tightens. You want to turn around and walk away. Read more →

Give McCain a Break

Hate John McCain if you want. Call McCain a traitor, even. I look at John McCain and marvel at his strength. Many do. Everyone knows about McCain being shot down over Vietnam and spending 5 years in a POW camp. But most people don’t know about the deep emotional scar McCain brought home with him. And that emotional scar undoubtedly drives him to his fits of anger and telling lies about people he doesn’t like. Read more →

Why Libertarian Kids, Not Drones, Scare McCain and Graham

Jennifer Rubin—WaPo’s token conservative—said it perfectly: McCain lost his cool with Rand Paul and sounded like the old man down the street screaming to the new kids on the block, “Get off my lawn!” The real reason McCain and Lindsey Graham embarrassed themselves on the floor of Senate had nothing to do with what Rand Paul said. Rand Paul’s ideas terrify McCain, Graham, and most of the Republican establishment. Read more →

Why John McCain Wants the GOP To Go First

John McCain doesn’t want the Republican Party to outlive him. He’s afraid. Afraid that, after he’s gone, his political widow will remarry someone younger, sexier, more fun. Thursday, March 7, 2013: Senate Office Building, Washington, DC In the dark cloisters of his Senate office, McCain leans back in his chair, tie loosened, jacket tossed casually over a guest chair, fingers interlaced behind his white head, and broods. He sees those rascally young libertarians–the ones who actually want to own their own lives–plunging into the party. Read more →

This Is The Infographic That The Whole Republican Party Is Freaking Out About

The 3 million McCain voters who didn’t vote for Romney? They’re dead. [Click image to view full size. Please forward, download, and print. This is important.] To survive, the GOP needs to stop being afraid of Millennials and tell them truth: they can move out of mom and dad’s house, they can drop out of school, they can quit their dead-end job with the idiot supervisor. But they can’t get away from government and debt. Read more →

Did Lloyd Smith and Jo Ann Emerson Plan This All Along?

In an open Republican primary in Missouri’s 8th Congressional District, a solid conservative would beat an establishment “my turn” Republican, hands down. And the Missouri GOP would hate it. That’s why I smell a rat. Would you be surprised to learn that Jo Ann Emerson and Lloyd Smith had this switcheroo planned months ago? You have to admit that the timing is suspicious: * Emerson wins a certain re-election * Smith announces he's stepping down as Missouri GOP Executive Director * Emerson announces she's resigning to become Queen of Lobbyists * Missouri's GOP Establishment breaks hips to tell reporters "Lloyd Smith's our man! Read more →

Obama the Reckless

On Saturday, the United States suffered its highest human lost since the Afghanistan conflict began. At least 38 elite, brave American warriors died in combat. Flasback to May 23 of this year. That’s when Barack Obama made the surprise announcement that he would begin accelerated troop withdrawals in July. That timetable meant beginning the withdrawal during the summer fighting season. Current and former military experts advised the president against this reckless move. Read more →

Steve Tilley vs. Fiscal Responsibility

Four men risked their political lives to help solve the problem of our lifetimes, but they forgot to massage Steve Tilley’s monstrous ego. When John McCain (R-AZ) and Roy Blunt (R-MO) agree with Michele Bachmann and Rush Limbaugh, you can bet the issue is beyond debate. In this case, the issue is the massive U.S. debt and what that debt is about to do to America. McCain compared the U.S. situation to Greece and Spain, saying we should prepare for a “fiscal meltdown. Read more →