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Will the Left Fund a Campaign to “Fix” Missouri? UPDATE

Updated with new information Leftist donors flooded Texas with money for two years. Wendy Davis was the poster-child in 2014, but she was only a candidate of convenience. Leftists know that turning Texas purple would mean leftist domination in America. In 2013 “purple Texas” was all the talk. From Huffington Post: Last week, _Politico_ reported that national Democrats are creating a “large-scale independent group” aimed at turning Texas into a legitimate electoral battleground. Read more →

Providence and Hope in Missouri

Fate moves in mysterious ways. Just days before State Auditor and Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Schweich died, Eric Greitens announced an exploratory committee. Greitens wants to test the water of a possible run for Missouri Governor as a Republican. Greitens would be, perhaps, the most remarkable human being ever to pursue the office of Governor of Missouri. Here’s a sampling of Greitens’s achievements: Humanitarian who’s worked in Rwanda, Bosnia, Central America, India and other disaster zones—usually man-made disaster zones Read more →