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Republicans Worst-Case Scenario?

Things are getting bad for Hillary. I hear she’s losing a lot of support from Democrat Party insiders, at least in private. The DNC is meeting this week, and talk will likely surround an alternative Democrats can vote for. While Republicans enjoy the Clinton meltdown, we might want to be careful what we wish for. One of the GOP’s best hopes for the White House is voter enthusiasm. Republicans can’t wait to vote, Democrats dread it. Read more →

Turns Out The Guy Dumping On The Middle Class Is Joe Biden

Related articles A couple weeks ago, Joe Biden made the news by declaring that the middle class in America has been getting dumped on ever since he and Obama took their oaths of office. The statement marked the first time Biden got something right since that day. What Uncle Joe failed to mention was that he has been in charge of the White House’s Middle Class Task Force since January 30, 2009. Read more →

Did Orwell Write This Weekend?

Democrats—from Jane Fonda to Senator Bob Brady of Pennsylvania—are pushing to ban words, phrases, and images they don’t like, as P/Od Patriot points out. Yes, we are living in very dangerous times. And the danger comes almost exclusively from the left. * Democrat [McCaskill calls for Americans to take up arms](https://gatewaypundit.rightnetwork.com/2010/12/claire-mccaskill-promotes-violence-if-dems-dont-get-their-historic-tax-hikes-it-really-is-time-for-americans-to-take-up-pitchforks-video/) if Democrat tax increase fails. (It did. And Gabrielle Giffords helped it fail.) * Democrat [Joe Biden threatened to strangle Republicans](https://www. Read more →

The Post-Palin Electoral College Map

Sarah Palin will push 9 toss-up states into McCain’s camp (from left to right): * Nevada * Colorado * New Mexico * [Michigan](https://www.politico.com/news/stories/0908/13198.html) * New Hampshire * Indiana * Ohio * Virginia * [Florida](https://www.surveyusa.com/client/PollReportEmail.aspx?g=e3a24829-6f3f-4928-b30f-cb21804091f0) This will give McCain the Electoral College victory in November, 300 to 238. The Palin-Effect works two different ways: Rough Rider Admiration and Strong Woman Identification. This estimate and projection is based on analysis of detailed polling data from Gallup and Reuters. Read more →