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Here Is Exactly How The Special Election To Replace Jo Ann Emerson Will Be Conducted. (We Think)

I’ve gotten a lot of emails and comments asking for more information on the special election process in Missouri’s 8th Congressional District. So I went to the smartest person I know about this stuff: Frieda Keough. Here’ what I learned: Eddie Justice, the Chair of the 8th Congressional District will call a meeting. Anyone wanting to be appointed to run for the 8th Congressional District shows up at the meeting and will be put before the committee. Read more →

Did Lloyd Smith and Jo Ann Emerson Plan This All Along?

In an open Republican primary in Missouri’s 8th Congressional District, a solid conservative would beat an establishment “my turn” Republican, hands down. And the Missouri GOP would hate it. That’s why I smell a rat. Would you be surprised to learn that Jo Ann Emerson and Lloyd Smith had this switcheroo planned months ago? You have to admit that the timing is suspicious: * Emerson wins a certain re-election * Smith announces he's stepping down as Missouri GOP Executive Director * Emerson announces she's resigning to become Queen of Lobbyists * Missouri's GOP Establishment breaks hips to tell reporters "Lloyd Smith's our man! Read more →