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More 1980 Election Parallels: Passing Out and Falling Down

The more you think about it, the more you realize 2016 gets more and more like 1980 every day. As you ponder Hillary Clinton’s fall from grace (even David Axelrod is trashing her now), you might remember Jimmy Carter’s collapse. I’m not talking about his collapse on election night. I’m talking about one of the two incidents that psychologically destroyed Carter’s image as a leader. In a moment, I’ll remind you of the collapse. Read more →

Here’s My Electoral Map Prediction

Related articles * MITTMENTUM: Romney Ahead 60-40 on the Amazon Electoral Heat Map. Hey, let’s hope Tuesday night’s m… (pjmedia.com) * Electoral College Map Prediction (johnwsmart.net) * Please God: Pundit Predicts 1980 Reagan-like Blow Out for Romney (givemeliberty01.com) * Barone: Romney wins, handily (politico.com) Yes, I’m feeling a wave toward Romney. Read more →

7 Warning Signs That Obama’s Imploding

Related articles Hurricane Isaac smiled on the Republicans in Tampa and delivered more misery to New Orleans and its surroundings. That was just one of the ominous signs that 2012 is shaping up to be a forgettable year for Democrats, especially for Barack Obama. Here’s seven more warning signs that Obama’s 6-year campaign is about to implode: Read more →

Wait, what year is this?

Dig this opening paragraph –> As the marathon for the presidency, 1980, begins to quicken, the American electorate is in a singularly sour and pessimistic mood. Not only is the public naturally worried about the economy, energy and inflation, but it doubts things will improve much. The country is anxious to find strong leaders —the evidence is overwhelming—and the public has little faith that Jimmy Carter has the ability, let alone the programs, to solve the nation’s problems. Read more →

Waning US Influence

Pro-Western governments in these countries have fallen to anti-American forces or diminished their support for the US since Barack Obama became president. * Lebanon * Jordan * Yemen * Qatar * Egypt * Turkey Obama’s campaign promise to restore respect for America around the world is a joke. A cruel and dangerous joke. Our enemies see Obama’s weakness as American weakness. As they did during Jimmy Carter’s failed presidency, those enemies are advancing. Read more →

It’s 1978 All Over Again UPDATE: Thaddeus McCotter Agrees With Me

The news might seem unimportant to us in the USA: Day after day they marched, tens of thousands strong, defiant chanting demonstrators surging through the streets of Cairo, a capital unaccustomed to the shouts and echoes of dissent. The subject of their protest was the policies of Egypt’s supreme ruler, Hosni Mubarak. Some carried signs demanding his ouster. Others called for a return of long denied civil and political liberties and the enforcement of Islamic laws. Read more →

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Have you noticed few people call Barack Obama “The One” anymore? “The Golfer” or “The Vacationer” is more like it. Something less than One, by any measure. Still, with each passing day and each new, permanent crisis, it seems like BO just ain’t up to the job of President. Nothing new. When Jimmy Carter’s incompetence became obvious, the lefty press developed a theory that the job had simply grown too complex for one man. Read more →