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You Can Reclaim the 4th Amendment the 5th of August

Listen to my short podcast about Missouri’s Constitutional Amendment, Amendment 9–the Electronic Data Protection Act. [audio mp3=“https://hennessysview.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/HennessyView_20140714.mp3"][/audio] And don’t forget to vote YES on Amendment 9. Restore the4th Amendment. You can read more about Amendment 9 on Ballotpedia. And here’s the Missouri ACLU’s page on Amendment 9. Read more →

Preserving the Republic Is Paramount in 2012

A few weeks ago, I blogged about loyalty to people and loyalty to principles. Both are important. Loyalty to people is an honorable principle. Sometimes, the ideal is paramount. In 2012, we simply must take the US Senate. We must put Claire McCaskill out of office. And we must send a strong conservative to the US House of Representatives from Missouri’s 2nd Congressional district. Missouri’s 2nd Congressional District has been well served by Todd Akin. Read more →

Time for Defiance, Resistance, and Resolve in Missouri

At the Pachyderm Club’s national convention last year, I overheard a Republican Missouri State Representative talking about HB 609. “It was the best bill I’ve ever been involved with,” she said. “Those people who just went nuts don’t know anything about insurance.” If you read my blog, you’re likely one of the “those people,” the ignorant masses who don’t understand the fineries of the legislative process. You don’t appreciate how hard the insurance industry lobbyists worked with Jefferson City to craft a law that sold only a bit of you into slavery while ensuring the insurance companies remained profitable and your favorite Republican legislators had the money to campaign next year. Read more →

Steve Tilley vs. Fiscal Responsibility

Four men risked their political lives to help solve the problem of our lifetimes, but they forgot to massage Steve Tilley’s monstrous ego. When John McCain (R-AZ) and Roy Blunt (R-MO) agree with Michele Bachmann and Rush Limbaugh, you can bet the issue is beyond debate. In this case, the issue is the massive U.S. debt and what that debt is about to do to America. McCain compared the U.S. situation to Greece and Spain, saying we should prepare for a “fiscal meltdown. Read more →

Friday Happy Hour

Dana Loesch on facebook gave kudos to Missouri State Senators Nieves and Lembke for fighting a federal bribe to the states. Major props to Brian Nieves and Jim Lembke for their continued commitment to conservatism in the MO Senate with HB 163 - refusing federal funds for another unemployment extension that costs taxpayers $81 million. They’re standing their ground against some of their fellow GOP who need to be reminded what fiscal conservatism is. Read more →