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Head To Jefferson City Wednesday To Fight Common Core and Medicaid Expansion

[caption id=“” align=“alignleft” width=“196”] State Senator John Lamping is sponsoring a bill in the Missouri Legislature to curb privacy invasions built into Common Core State Standards. Missouri liberty groups will support him in Jefferson City on March 13.[/caption] John Lamping is one of the brightest stars for liberty in the Missouri Senate, and he needs our help this week. Let’s support liberty by fighting Medicaid Expansion and Common Core State Standards in education. Read more →

St. Louis City Fathers Freak Out Because Police Sergeant Gary Wiegert Lobbies For Sane Marijuana Reforms

You’d think people would listen when a career police officer says we need to reform marijuana laws. But n-o-o-o-o. Not in St. Louis, anyway. Gary Wiegert is a 30+ year police officer who signed up to lobby Jefferson City on behalf of tea party issues a couple of years ago. Some people freaked out over that, but Gary was instrumental in advancing tea party issues for the past 2 years. Read more →

Steve Tilley vs. the Constitution

And, he’s back. Missouri House Speaker Steve Tilley (R-Perryville) has signed onto legislation designed to circumvent the Electoral College in presidential elections. Like his position on embryonic stem cell research and the national debt, Tilley seems far out of step with Missouri’s Republican base on this. And this guy wants to be Lt. Governor? Please. This might be old news to some. I see that Big Government’s Josie Wales blogged about the national effort last August. Read more →

3 Reasons to Run for Lt. Governor

Patrick Tuohey made some good points about the office of Lieutenant Governor. Based on that, I thought up all the possible reasons someone would run for LooeyG. 1. Stepping Stone: Establish state-wide name recognition and give yourself plenty of time to run for that next office, like U.S. Senate or Governor. 2. Party Reptile: If the governor is or is likely to be of the opposite party, you get to be the de facto head of your party in the state. Read more →

ACTION: Jefferson City February 26 UPDATE

Your country needs you today—Saturday, February 26—in Jefferson City, MO. Radical unions threatening a Wisconsin-style hatefest at the State Capitol. But some great Americans like Phil Todd and Elizabeth and Paul Couture have secured a permit for Tea Party on the Capitol Steps beginning at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 26 Please pass the word. If you can’t be there at 10:30, come later. We’ll need people there ALL DAY. Read more →