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Why I’m Betting on an Indictment of Comey

I made a lot of money on the election. Most of that money I cashed out. But I left a small balance in case I saw another opportunity to bet against the prevailing wisdom. I saw that opportunityt last night. My PredictIt Success In January 2016, I bought three kinds of shares on PredictIt, the prediction market. 1. Trump would win the Republican nomination. 2. Trump would win the White House. Read more →

No Obstruction. No Collusion. He’s a Leaker. UPDATES

Scott Adams pointed out the linguistic brilliance of Donald Trump’s perfect summation of James Comey’s failed takedown attempt. “No obstruction. No collusion. He’s a leaker.” That’s how Trump summarized Comey’s testimony to the Senate’s Russian Conspiracy Hoax Committee. Click to watch: Scott is a genius in persuasion and psychology. Everything he just said about Trump’s linguistic kill-shot is dead-on accurate. Trump destroyed Comey without firing a shot. “No obstruction. No collusion. Read more →

It’s Going to Be Okay

You might be stressing out when you learn that James Comey sent another letter to Congress. In case you didn’t hear, he did. And he said that the emails found on Huma Abedin’s computer did not change his earlier conclusion about Hillary Clinton. It’s easy to panic or get mad or dejected. Totally understandable. But that’s totally counterproductive, too. And being mad or acting dispirited is just what the elites want us to do. Read more →

Convict Hillary

A lot of people are mad at FBI Director James Comey. Comey read a list of crimes committed by Hillary Clinton, then announced he couldn’t recommend prosecution for those crimes. On its face, it sounds like Comey caved. Let’s play the imagine game. Imagine Comey decided to refer Hillary Clinton’s crimes to the Department of Justice for prosecution. What would happen? First, you’d never hear about it. The FBI and the DOJ don’t discuss active criminal investigations. Read more →