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The Hubris of Nation Builders

Guest Post by Lee A. Presser My friend Bill Hennessy wrote an excellent 11-12-16 blog analysis of Anglo-American history and how it relates to Mr. Trump’s victory (https://hennessysview.com/2016/11/12/how-the-second-born-twin-can-be-older-than-the-first/). After reading that blog I phoned him to add a tangential thought. Bill suggested I share the thought with you. It took 561 years (from the Magna Carta to the Declaration of Independence) for the idea of limited government and political equality to infuse itself into Anglo-American culture. Read more →

Can You Trust Barack Obama for 4 More Years?

Barack Obama came to office promising to heal the planet (I didn’t know it was sick), lower the waters, and end war as we knew it “whilst waking on water squirting wine out his ass,” to borrow William S. Burroughs’s anti-Christian blasphemy in Naked Lunch. (Funny. I don’t recall reading about Christians blowing up embassies over that book’s publication.) Four years later, The One might want to let the waters rise. Read more →

If You Want Something Done Right …

… you have to do it yourself. That’s the MSM’s motto over the upcoming Patraeus report to Congress on progress in Iraq. The facts are obvious: since the surge and offensive began, the terrorists in Iraq have become less effective. The surge and the offensive are working. Those who agree with this view inlude these liberals and Democrats: * [Katie Couric](https://wcbstv.com/topstories/local_story_247203227.html) * [Dick Durban](https://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D8QT56I80&show_article=1) * [Bob Casey](https://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D8QT56I80&show_article=1) * [Jack Reed](https://www. Read more →

Where I stand on Iraq

I stand for total victory in Iraq. Background Some say that I blindly support President Bush and everything he does. I do not. Nor do I publicly lambaste his missteps the way others, like Peggy Noonan, do. This blog, I hope, will explain to my readers and friends how I can hold several seemingly incongruous positions on Bush and the War. * The United States, the free world, in fact, was justified in invading Iraq and overthrowing Saddam * The war in Iraq was not successful in its early days despite the perception of a rout * The administration's greatest failure was kowtowing to the left * The symptom of that kowtowing was establishing a defensive posture instead of continuing the attack * Donald Rumsfeld failed the President by refusing to return to an offensive strategy * The key to victory is ruthless aggression * Republicans should limit criticism of Bush to recommendations that will achieve victory Justification Following 9/11, President Bush told Peggy Noonan in a private meeting that every night he goes to bed expecting to be woken and told that Saddam has unleashed a WMD in America. Read more →

The Left’s Foreign Policy

The left’s foreign policy is both domestic and global. John Hawkins, in Right Wing News’s Q&A, responds to a question posed by RtWingNutCase, to wit: should the US pull out of Iraq prematurely, would the left turn its activism toward influencing a withdrawal from Afghanistan? Hawkins correctly says, “Yes,” but he stops short of speculating on motives. I won’t. The left’s motive in withdrawing from the world is to weaken America and the West. Read more →

American Support For War Grows

The New York Times, believe it or not, has this story in its campaign blog: Poll: American Support for War Inches Up The story cites an NYT/CBS Poll that showed America support for war in Iraq rose to 41% in July from 35% in May. You will not see this story on the CBS Evening News or on the front page of America’s most un-American paper, though. The results do not fit either organization’s political agenda. Read more →

Hillary Hysterium

Senator Clinton asked the Pentagon to describe its plans to withdraw from Iraq. The Pentagon—specifically, undersecretary of defense, Eric Edelman—replied in the most appropriate manner imaginable: Premature and public discussion of the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq reinforces enemy propaganda that the United States will abandon its allies in Iraq, much as we are perceived to have done in Vietnam, Lebanon and Somalia In response, Ms. Clinton displayed the kind of hysterium one associates with under-medicated paranoid schizophrenics. Read more →