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I’m with Apple

The government wants Apple to build a back door into the iPhone. Apple has refused. I’m with Apple on this one. This back door would allow the FBI to access the content of the San Bernardino terrorists’ phone, possibly exposing more terrorists. That would be a good thing. But Apple never built a back door to the iPhone because no one can control the keys to such portals. If Apple builds it, every government spy agency in the world will be able to read your texts, see where you’ve been, and listen to your phone calls. Read more →

The Coolest Phone on the Market

[caption id=“attachment_8520” align=“alignleft” width=“204” caption=“Neonode N2 Black”][/caption] I like tiny phones that do a lot. The Neonode N2 from Neonode is the coolest phone I’ve ever seen.  Totally touchscreen (no buttons) Tiny (smaller than a credit card) Holds up to 32GB music, videos, photos 2 Megapixel camera Great sound quality Watch this CNET Reviews video, then look below to find out how to get this $500 phone for $199. Read more →