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The Right Question to Bring Down Susan Rice

Susan Rice admitted she lied. She requested unmaskings of Trump associates. Rice says her unmasking requests were routine. Maybe they were. We can find out. It’s simple data analysis. I’ll show you how. But, first, you have to know the right question to ask. And few people do. Right Questions You hear a lot of talk about whether Susan Rice requested unmasking of Trump associates. That’s a good question, but it’s not enough. Read more →

Now We Know Why Mitt Romney Has Been Wildly Successful In Life

Barack Obama’s performance was not nearly as bad as Romney’s performance was good. Not good—terrific. I’m not talking about his politics and policies; I’m talking Romney’s remarkable presence. Here are the four principles of presence that Romney knocked out of the park. Command of the Facts When it came to facts—and to how those facts matter to the listeners—Mitt Romney seemed more prepared for the office of President than the President. Read more →