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The GOP’s Predictable Plan to Destroy the Tea Party

Yes, the establishment wants you to go away. Are you going to obey? With a little help from The Atlantic and New York Times (of all places), we can put together a strategy to recognize and deflect the establishment’s tactics. Put this in your back pocket. You’ll need it before primary season is over. Establishment Tactic 1: Never admit membership in the establishment How To Handle: Never argue about what he establishment is. Read more →

How the Establishment Wins

A few years ago, Malcolm Gladwell wrote an awesome article for The New Yorker: _How David Beats Goliath._ Read it after you read this. The story encourages and frustrates at the same time. Encourages because we learn Davids can, occasionally, beat Goliaths. Frustrates because Goliaths tend to change the rules just before the epic battle. That’s how the establishment wins—by establishing the rules. And changing them as necessary. Not exactly fair, but fairness isn’t in the rule book. Read more →