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American Schools Replace Great Fiction With Government propaganda

[Originally posted on Redstate.com] English was my favorite subject in school, so much so that I can still recite from memory large passages of the books we read, like A Separate Peace: I went back to Devon School not long ago, and found it looking oddly newer than when I was a student there 15 years before. And who doesn’t know this by heart: If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you’ll probably want to know is where I was born and what my lousy childhood was like and how my parents were occupied and all before they had me and all that David Copperfield kind of crap, but I don’t feel like going into it, if you want to know the truth. Read more →

Kansas: Point of No Return

Tuesday in Kansas, President Barack Obama revealed his contempt for liberty. He declared that human beings are incapable of running their own lives … but, somehow, other, superior human beings are capable of running their own and others’. He said that free markets have always failed, everywhere … ignoring most of the last 240 years. He all but declared himself a Marxist. I am depressed that America let this dangerous man into our government. Read more →