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Mike Flynn for Congress

I was hungover. I sat in a booth at the Holiday Inn in Quincy, Illinois, with my wife and two friends from St. Louis. The day before was my wife’s birthday, which she graciously spent waiting for me to speak at a tea party in Quincy. Angela and I sat with Jim Durbin and Ben Evans. About four feet away, sitting at the bar, were Andrew Breitbart and editor-in-chief of Andrew’s BigGovernment. Read more →

This Is Why You Are Underemployed

Related articles If you can’t find full-time work, blame Obamacare. One reason the Middle Class has shriveled and wages shrunk over the the past four years is underemployment. People want full time work, but settle for anything. And anything is usually part time. Most of the fantastic new jobs created since the 2009 have been part-time jobs. Read more →

Go Vote in Illinois

Go vote, please. Please. Vote now. Don’t Put It Off!! Did you know that ObamaCare is my fault? Of course, it is. Read my story below the clock. **I didn’t vote in 2006. You know why? ** I put it off. I decided not to stop on my way to work in the morning. Why? _I’ll have plenty of time tonight, _I thought. I’ll stop on my way home. Read more →

Rodger Cook Best Choice for Southern Illinois

Rodger Cook fools no one into thinking he’s a member of the political class. He’s not. Rodger’s a human being, like the rest of us. That’s just one of the reasons that Rodger Cook has earned my personal endorsement in next Tuesday’s (March 20) Illinois primary.* Actually, Rodger’s not so much like the rest of us. Rodger has served the people of Illinois all of his adult life. Rodger has been a police officer, a detective, a mayor, and private businessman. Read more →

Jay Nixon Putting Party Ahead of Missouri? UPDATE

Last week, the Illinois legislature passed a massive income tax increase on individuals and businesses. Overall, it represents about a 67 percent income tax increase. In response, neighboring states of Wisconsin and Indiana have wisely mounted massive campaigns to suck businesses and people out of Illinois. Even New Jersey’s fabulous governor, Chris Christie, plans to fish the Land o’ Lincoln for some business transplants. One state bordering Illinois has been notoriously silent. Read more →