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Studies Show Most Americans Are Too Stupid to Vote

The new fad among Democrats is to see how many illegal aliens they can pack into a voting booth. While we conservatives decry this illegal and anti-American grab at tyrannical power, we should take some solace in this sobering fact: those illegal aliens probably know as much about the American political system as most 13th generation Americans. The fact is, most Americans are too stupid about politics to vote, which explains the 2008 election. Read more →

Why Don’t We Do Something Else?

Yes, I read that. And I saw that. And somebody told me about that, too. I see the ridiculous charges leveled by ignorant bigots against the Tea Party. I hear the slander on MSNBC and CNN. I know that Ben Jealous and Nancy Pelosi live on lies about you and me the way vampires live on human blood. I get it. My immediate urge when I read or hear this nonsense is anger. Read more →