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Laugh at them, not with them

The left is crying. One guy on twitter is nearly suicidal. Hoft has more. Here’s what happened. Someone posted this photo on twitter. All the sane people laughed. @realDonaldTrump retweeted. And now it’s the left’s new Russian conspiracy. I remember when all the best comedians were liberals. But the new left traded its sense of humor for baseball bats with ten penny nails. USA! Meanwhile, the pre-schoolers at CNN have their panties in a bunch because the President of the United States wore a hat emblazoned with USA. Read more →

U.S. Holds Auditions for New Terrorist Mastermind

Washington, DC–Reeling from the backlash over a campaign ad that paints President Barack Obama as Osama bin Laden’s sole assassin, the White House today announced open auditions for a new global terrorist mastermind. [caption id=“attachment_12119” align=“alignnone” width=“570” caption=“Last year’s White House auditions for press secretary”][/caption] White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters “the world needs a dangerous, evil character to worry about … and, frankly, so does the President. Reagan had the Evil Empire; Bush had the Axis of Evil. Read more →