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Hillary Told Us Trump Won

I really want to go to bed, but my brain won’t sleep until I type this out. Hillary Clinton told us Trump won the debate with her final answer. Final answer. An audience member asked the closing question. He challenged the candidates to say something nice about their opponents. Hillary went first. The right way to answer those screwball questions is to say something nice and sit down. I’ll explain why in a moment. Read more →

The Flies Are Coming Home to Roost

Frank Luntz—no fan of Donald J. Trump—said it best: he came into the second debate believing the race was over, but he came out believing Trump is back in the race. I realize CNN bought a poll that said Clinton won the debate. But CNN has a history of lying, cheating, and hiding facts. I wouldn’t bet a wooden nickel on anything I heard on CNN. I watched most of the debate at a bar in South St. Read more →

How NeverTrump Promotes Race Violence

NeverTrumpers who don’t cross over stand to get a lot of blood on their hands. I’m not the only one noticing. If anything, I’m understating the case. Now we know: to be anti-Trump is to be pro-abortion and pro-race war. To be anti-Trump is to support violence against police officers, especially white police officers. That’s because Hillary is all those things, and to be anti-Trump is, logically, to be pro-Hillary. (If they both live until January 20, either Clinton or Trump will be the next president. Read more →

White Water/Black Ops

When I was a kid (thought I felt kind of old at the time) disaster movies were the thing. Before Star Wars, the 1970s were about killer sharks, towering infernos, earthquakes, and capsized cruise ships. Psychologists and sociologists attributed the genre’s popularity to the people’s need to assimilate nuclear holocaust. I think the movies were just good, cathartic entertainment. Nonnie Parry: [Deck behind the group is flooding rapidly] How long will we stay afloat? Read more →