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Forcing Functions

An old boss of mine liked “forcing functions.” Forced us to meet delivery dates, while arbitrary dates tended to cause a “so what” attitude toward deadlines. Forcing functions like trade shows, magazine reviews, and client launches forced development teams to ship, no matter what. Keep that in mind for a moment while we look at the Obama Administration. Barack Obama campaigned on a promise to clip America’s wings. I know he didn’t use that term, but it was clear what he meant when he visited the Mediterranean and Germany. Read more →

Republicans Can Be Stupid, Too

We nominated Bob Dole, didn’t we? Anyway, TexasFred’s has been listening in on the Romney campaign and heard this: Mitt Romney has cited the social welfare network of the Lebanese Hezbollah terror group as a role model the U.S. should copy to help promote “goodness” and “freedom” around the world. I know … out of context, read the whole thing, and all that. Still, a guy running for president ought to know that praising Hezbollah is a good way to become a really, really difficult trivia question about people who ran for president in 2008. Read more →