What The World Needs Now: A Trump Book

Do you want to know what Trump supporters are thinking? Many people do. If you supported Ted Cruz, you might not understand how the guy who wrote The Conservative Manifesto in 1993 could support Trump. If you supported Marco Rubio or Ben Carson last year, how do you reconcile your convictions with Donald Trump’s bizarre life? Is Donald Trump a conservative or not? I’ve written a new book about all these things, and you can buy your copy soon.
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Changes at Hennessy's View

Looks different, doesn’t it? After hosting my own web sites forever, I’m trying to simplify my server admin life. I’m moving Hennessy’s View to another service from my own servers. The difference you should see is the theme. (I’m tired of the minimalism.) Also, some archives from before 2010 might be missing for a while. They’ll catch up soon enough. Thanks UPDATE In addition to the changes above, a couple of comments posted during the upgrade have been lost.
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