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How to Find Truth In Consistency

A great colleague and I invented something in 2010. It was a two-day workshop for companies. It has been incredibly successful. In that workshop, we cite a lot of behavioral science research. We also point out that some behavioral science research is bogus. Up to 60 percent by a recent study (which might have been bogus itself.) So how do you know good science from bad? Look for consistency. I’ll give you an example. Read more →

What Should We Do Next?

God laughs at man’s plans. That’s because God has already given us the only plan we need. A plan to get through this life worthy of the next. And that is enough. Lawrence of Rome Followed the Plan Today is the feast day of Saint Lawrence of Rome. Lawrence is the patron saint of, among others, comedians. Lawrence was the leader of a group seven deacons whose mission was to distribute alms to the poor. Read more →

How bad would Trump presidency be?

The world is about to end. Or civil war is about to break out in Dayton, Ohio. Believe it? Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson, and other Republicans have convinced a lot of people that we are doomed if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination. I know some people who are nearly incapacitated with fear and grief after last night’s Nevada caucuses. Because they listen to Glenn Beck. Sad! Here’s the thing: nothing is as bad as you think it will be while you’re thinking about it. Read more →

I’m Pissed That I’m Pissed

Are you tired of being angry? Did you know that a lot of other people are tired of your anger? Did you know that 70 percent of Americans don’t like politics? Did you know that the 70 percent of Americans who don’t like politics won’t vote for anything an angry person tells them to vote for? Go look it up. It’s totally true. So many conservatives want another Reagan, but they want an angry, vengeful, belligerent Reagan. Read more →

Shop Ferguson and Dellwood This Weekend

Sorry I’m so late on this. This sounds whiny, I know, but I have a really involved week at work this week. Sorry. Crap always seems to work out this way, though. When there’s a great need for Tea Party services, I’m tied up with work obligations. Something has to give, and it’s usually the thing that doesn’t generate revenue. But we all have work to do. Ferguson businesses and families are still struggling with the effects of the riots. Read more →

3 Steps to Happiness and Success

Some of the biggest potholes on the road to happiness come from bad advice from self-help “experts.” But here are three scientifically proven steps to being happier. And since happiness causes success in other areas, not the other way around, these could be the most important tasks you perform. Give Thanks People who write down three things they’re grateful for and the reason those things happened show a 50 percent drop in medical claims over six months compared to a control group who journaled about nothing in particular (Emmons & McCullough). Read more →

The Tea Party’s Real Purpose Is …

We talk about liberty, limited government, freedom, Constitutional principles, and the like. Those are all relevant to the purposes of the conservative grassroots movement. But are they ends? Or are they just means? I believe they are means. In the founders’ writings we find clues to the end, even they don’t state it explicitly. Jefferson did. Jay came close. And Adams implicitly understood that end. Let me ask this: what’s the point of all the work we did in the past two years? Read more →

2 Ways to Make Christmas Season Happier

Is it better to give or to receive? Before you answer, let’s look at some of the science behind giving. Then let’s look a little deeper. Dr. Barbara Fredrickson studies the psychology of happiness. About a decade ago, Dr. Fredrickson announced a formula for creating an “upward spiral” of happiness. In other words, she identified what it takes to have happiness breed happiness. The formula applies to individuals, families, groups, and even companies. Read more →

How Happiness Makes You Better

Earlier, I wrote about a little trick for making your day a little happier than it otherwise would have been. Now, there are a lot of reasons why I should wish to make you happier. But I have to admit that there’s something in it for me. No, I don’t get 3 cents every time someone registers on ThankfulFor.com. But as a member of several grassroots organizations trying to change America, I want my teammates to be in the best possible spirits. Read more →

How to Be Happier

Happiness is a choice; anger is a tactic. Anger will have to wait for a future post. This one is about happiness. So let me ask: would you do something that took less than a minute if that something would make you happier? Martin Seligman at University of Pennsylvania’s school of Positive Psychology has broken down happiness in more scientifically measurable components: * Positive Emotion * Engagement * Purpose Other research has shown how to increase your happiness score. Read more →