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Money Problems? Borrow Your Kids’ Social Security Numbers

Why not? Kids have a clean slate when it comes to credit scores. Sure, they don’t have a long history, but you can help with that. And you can buy that 56-inch 3D LED TV you’ve been craving. In a few months, you might even be able to buy a new car—on your kid’s credit. **Best of all, you really don’t need to pay it off. Let your kids pay that loan.
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Debt Crisis: Greece, Portugal, Spain . . . ? Alert: S&P downgrades Spain to ‘AA’ with a negative outlook, saying the country is likely to have an extended period of subdued economic growth. Markets react: DJIA plummets from +23 to –22 in seconds after S&P drops Spain’s debt rating. And the sovereign debt nightmare is only beginning. The UK is next. But the USA borrows more money faster than anyone, and Socio-History blog ain’t happy: As I pointed out yesterday, US debt threatens to end the economic stabilization.
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