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Who Won the New Hampshire Republican Debate?

It depends on how you score. I see three scoring scenarios: 1. Best conservative performance 2. Best electability performance 3. Best positional performance Conservative performance is pretty clear: whose answers appeal to conservatives? (Does not mean conservatives believed the candidate meant what he said.) This is not Tea Party scoring, either. I’m not limiting my evaluation to the 3 core Tea Party principles of Constitutionally limited government, free markets, and fiscal responsibility. Read more →

BREAKING: Santorum Pulls Away with 13-Vote Lead

That’s with 88 percent of the counting complete. The bigger story: Romney’s underperforming his 2008 results in key counties. Santorum outperforming Huckabee in 2008. What does it all mean? Conservatives and libertarians dominate the caucuses. Romney is the choice of the Republican establishment. The cronies poured millions into his campaign even before he declared himself a conservative. He’s won endorsements from just about every big name general election loser include Bob Dole and George H. Read more →