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George Will’s Passive Aggressive Slacktivism

Pat Buchanan and George Will have a lot in common, but they’re very different, too. They’re both conservative writers and journalists. But Buchanan’s an activist while Will is a passivist. (New word?) Let me explain. When I was a freshman in college, a professor told me he saw George Will speak. He found Will’s conservatism “intellectual and reasonable,” unlike Ronald Regan’s “extremism.” It was a shot at my Reaganism. I knew it. Read more →

An Affair to Dismember (Trump)

If you’ve ever cheated on your spouse just to get back at your daughter for dating or marrying the wrong man, you’re probably a #nevertrump person like George Will. Suppose your daughter married a man you didn’t approve of. You would probably respond by cheating on your own spouse, would you not? Having an affair would teach your daughter a lesson, right? And if your spouse and your friends and your other children suffered, too bad. Read more →

St. Louis City: Arrogant, Anti-Freedom

Sometimes I’m ashamed and embarrassed at my roots. See, I graduated from the same Catholic grade school as St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay. I shouldn’t be embarrassed, I know. But how else do I react to stories like this one from George Will. It seems that Mayor Slay’s administration is busy trampling all over the rights of a citizen, Jim Roos. Roos painted a sign on a building he owns that days “End Eminent Domain Abuse. Read more →