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Colleges Suffocate Free Speech

Related articles Colleges in the United States are systematically destroying free speech, free thought, and creative writing. Sixty-five percent of colleges and universities censor students, even in creative writing classes. [youtube=https://youtu.be/Z3vgGqlZGGE] Hillsdale or nothing. Related articles * [GREG LUKIANOFF IN THE NEW YORK TIMES: Feigning Free Speech on Campus. "Colleges and universities a. Read more →

Coming Soon … Global Warming Skepticism Illegal UPDATE

Steve McIntyre tears to shreds an anti-speech ruling by the British equivalent of the FCC, Ofcom. Ofcom ruled that a documentary “The Great Global Warming Swindle” violated rules, essentially, because the producers presented evidence contrary to the party line of the United Nations and the Labor government. In other words, in the UK, thou shalt not question global warming. For all the details (way too involved for this blog) see McIntyre’s Climate Audit beginning here. Read more →